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Book Review: Stay Here with Me by Carrie Ann Ryan


I am enamoured of the Wilder brothers and I want to read every romance with them. The last book in the series nearly broke me with the angst and heartache. This one has me frustrated and ready to scream at the brother. East, Everett's twin brother is now finally hashing it out with Lark. Lark is Everett's wife's best friend. The romance between East and Lark is about as messed up as Everett and his wife, Bethany.

From what I can tell, is that people who have served in the military come back with a lot of problems. Problems that our society tends to ignore, misunderstand, or shame. None of these are healthy and this leaves us with a population of disenfranchised people who struggle to integrate back into our society. And this is a shame that we should not sweep under the carpet. I digress. East's issues cause him to be sensitive to Lark's job. His treatment of her is appalling at times. He isn't a bad guy. He is just no able to communicate effectively and he's still dealing with survivor's guilt.

Lark on the other hand can write lyrics that touch a person's soul. One would think she would be the one who can connect with East. Yes and no. It's painful to witness how their breakdown in communication occurs. What is worse for me is that it isn't contrived miscommunication. It is because their are inherit issues that East refuses to work through. I feel badly for Lark and how she is treated. I also see East's perspective and my heart aches for his suffering.

Still, the two of them are finally able to work it out. It is beautiful. There are ups and downs and even a crazy stalker involved. What is it with the Wilder brother and crazy stalkers?? This is a romance between damaged people who find a way to start their healing process. Recommended to romance lovers who want their happily ever after.


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