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Review: A Relative Murder by Jude Deveraux

★★★★ @JudeDeveraux1 @edelweiss_squad #ARelativeMurder #BookReview

When I see Ms. Deveraux's name, it conjures up memories of sweet contemporary to historical romances. This newer style of books from Ms. Deveraux are winners for me. Full disclosure, I have only read the 3rd and 4th book in this series. I have not read the first two books. The Medlar Mystery Series is powerful, intense, and full of emotion. I love it. I am all torn up reading this new book. The last one slayed me with the betrayals Sara suffered. This one, this is another doozy that had me incredulous and awake until past five AM in the morning reading. The book hangover I suffered was worth every minute, every page.

Our trio of Murder, She Wrote-esque are back at home. Lachlan, Florida is a quiet town. Jack, Sara, and Kate are settled in and enjoying life. This calm is disrupted when the town sheriff takes a vacation and tricks Jack to take over whilst he is out. This set up does not seem too bad. Then the murders and attacks start happening.

Learning about Kate's past breaks my heart. BREAKS.MY.HEART. Pretend this is Samuel L. Jackson reading that sentence with his trademark expletive. Oh my ever loving God. I cannot believe the characters in this book. This story is a wonderful combination of character development and plot driven. I am flabbergasted with the constant hits Kate receives in this book. It is not just Kate though. Sara's part in the history and what happens to her all these years... a QUARTER of a century LOST is harsh. This is one of the most brutal betrayal stories I have read in a long time.

There are a plethora of hateful people in the world. Apparently Ms. Deveraux decided to capture them all, put them in here, and torture Kate, her father, and her aunt with them. I am incensed with the injustices that occurred. I cannot fathom how Kate can be forgiving in the end. Nor can I reconcile the deep love lost and never to be reunited. This . . . this story should be made into a Chinese movie. You know, where good people die, the good people suffer, the evil people triumph, and there is a bittersweet ending. Make no mistakes, this story is not a happily ever after. It is a bittersweet realistic disaster of a fall out due to the conniving narcisstist.

I am not sure what wicked muse is enticing Ms. Devereaux to churn out this series. I love this breathtakenly painful read. I hope Ms. Deaveraux continues to be inspired and maintains this same vein of sweet torturous conflicts. This murder suspense is highly recommended to those who love family drama and digging out the skeletons.

*provided by Edelweiss


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