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Review: A Vampire's Kiss by Rebecca Zanetti

Long distance relationships generally mean being far away from your lover through miles or kilometers. Athan and Ivy's relationship takes long distance to a whole other level - in time too. Frankly, I'm shocked Athan would give Ivy so much space. I'd have tied her up already.

I ended up enjoying this story quite a bit. From the blurb I took this as Ivy not wanting to be a fated mate. Or perhaps Athan doesn't want to be tied down to a female either. They like their lives separate. As it turns out, there is more to why they are separate and it's sad. Once again, communication is key. Why do so many of Ms. Zanetti's characters have issues with sharing their thoughts? As one of my favourite authors oft uses in her stories "use your words".

Then again, apparently this is pretty common amongst real life people too. These are the people I tend to avoid. Just think of all the time wasted. Fortunately, an event forces Athan and Ivy to reevaluate their quarterly meeting and things become smoking hawt. This novella is a lovely piece to tide a reader over to the next book in the series.

* I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.


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