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Review: Answering Atlas by Chantal Fernando

★★★★ @ChantalFernando #AnsweringAtlas #NetGalley

When a romance takes an unexpected turn, it sometimes gives me the feelz. This one did it for me. I am a fan of Ms. Fernando and will read everything she writes. She is one of the few authors I enjoy reading MC books. Yes, yes, I realize this is a romanticized version of the MC life and I'm okay with it. It is what I want to read. In this latest one, Natalie finds her partner in crime in an unexpected place - with another motorcycle club.

This story took a couple of surprising turns for me that moved me to tears. There are a couple of losses in this book that caught not only the characters off guard, but me. The added sorrow increased my emotional investment in the storyline and made it better for me. I liked Atlas and better Natalie for how they responded to the situations.

This story isn't all doom and gloom. It starts out in an amusing manner because Atlas takes offense at Natalie's type of man she wants. He reads into it too much yet he isn't wrong with his assessment. This goes back to how intent behind a motivation means more to me then the result. Natalie intent is to stay out of the crazy lifestyle comes with being in a motorcycle club. She doesn't believe a club member is beneath her. That is Atlas's own hang ups coming into play. How he response to this perceived slight is amusing from the outside and annoying from Natalie's perspective.

I appreciate Ms. Fernando creating this kind of conflict that shows how easily people can misunderstand. Only by dialogue and open communication can there be better clarity. I love this message. The rocky relationship between Natalie and Atlas smooths out as they realize the amount of common ground they have as well as shared experiences. Atlas' epiphany of why Natalie shies away from the MC also helps him become a better partner for her. Their back and forth banter increases my enjoyment. This book brings closure to a three story arc. I wonder what will happen next. This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who enjoy motorcycle clubs and the bad boys in it.

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