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Review: Bared Magic by Sara R. Cleveland

★★★ ½ @shcleveland @booksirens #BaredMagic

Full disclosure, I didn't read the fine print. Specifically, I didn't read the blurb. All I saw was the headline "What happens when Goldilocks finds a bed that's a little TOO right?" What did I see instead? When Goldilocks finds a bed that's a little too tight... So I assumed this was a reinterpretation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with an erotic twist. About 50% into the book, I experienced bangixiety and realized I needed to re-read the blurb. That's when I understood, this isn't an erotic novel. For those looking for a kinky fairytale, this isn't the book for you. For those looking for a paranormal romance, read on!

New to me author Ms. Cleveland pulls me into a world where humans sort of know about shifters, but not all do. One is never sure if the human knows about shifters or not. And yet shifters tend to be a bit more lackadaisical about keeping their secret. There are several subplots going on in this story that I can't wait to be explored. It is as if several familiar Grimm's fairytale are in this book, but their story isn't ready to be revealed. How many references will you find?

Wynne aka Goldie is on the run. She is a much coveted type of magical being. One that is pulled into slavery either by capture or their family selling them. Wynne's backstory seems to be a little bit of both. When she sneaks into a cabin to hide, she finds Callum's bed and passes out. This begins a harrowing journey for Wynne and Callum. Through their adventures, both are severely injured at times and a bond of trust grows into love. This sweet romance balances the cruel and dire situation they find themselve in. Whilst there are many trying to capture Wynne, there are a good number who become her allies.

With a happily ever after conclusion, there is still a hook into the next book. There are several interesting characters in here that need to be explored and have their story told. This paranormal romance is recommended for fairy tale lovers who enjoy a twist.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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