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Review: Bayou Sweetheart by Lexi Blake

★★★★ @authorlexiblake #BayouSweetheart #NetGalley #MustRead

Once again, I am won over by this charismatic small town named after a butterfly. When it comes to sweet romances, Ms. Blake consistently delivers high quality over and over again. This feel-good story is about self-discovery. The journey for Actress Brynn Pearson is stressful as she is being pulled in multiple directions by well-intentioned people. This is a must-read and can be read as a standalone.

Brynn Pearson takes us into the dark side of Hollywood life, especially as a child star growing up into adult roles. The nastiness of rumours and sexual allegations is unbalanced in its bias against women. This is particularly true for females who have roles that are supposed to be "good" and "wholesome". It always surprises me when people attribute an actor's role to their real life. Do people not realize an actor is . . . acting? Makes me loath people and the greedy destructive tabloid reports are a close second.

Brynn is a genuinely nice person who is supporting more than just herself. Her livelihood was so critical to keeping a roof over her family's head as well as food on the table. The amount of responsibility on Brynn is incredible. It is surprising she hasn't had a breakdown with all the pressure. Do normal people have this kind of pressure? Yes? But those who have been given a chance to grow into their adulthood with support and the slow building of responsibility are better suited to handle this kind of stress. I am glad that Brynn is able to come to a place that gives her a new perspective and helps her find herself.

Major is a complication Brynn doesn't need and yet she does. His steadfast manner is calming. His understanding of her secret passion to paint is what sparks their chemistry. Boy does their chemistry fly. These two are so good together if others would just get out of their way. Major does have his own baggage and it is heartbreaking to see him try to work through his fears. The connection between Major and Brynn's mother is through a devastating deteriorating illness of a loved one. Brynn's mother may be channeling Devil's Wear Prada but she does have a heart. Her back story explains her eccentricities so much.

What I like about this story is how Ms. Blake shows that relationships are complicated. There are two sides to every story. No one is fully evil or good. Right or wrong is depending on the perspective of the character. Seeing how family members and loved ones work through their issues together because at heart they want the best for each other is the magic Ms. Blake creates. If only more families would aspire to these types of relationships. This heartwarming story is recommended to contemporary romance readers who love small towns filled with big hearts.

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