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Review: Bending Tyme by Maria-Claire Payne

Heat Rating: Spark

Kink Rating: 3 Paddles

Review Rating: 3 Stars

Time traveling kinky romance, how is this going to work? As it turns out - quite well and I enjoyed the story. Esme Tyme is a CEO for her antique business. She is knowledgeable about the period of history she's been time warp transferred. Esme ends up with the man in the picture of her locket she’s found during renovation of her building. The man is Lord Davenport.

Lord Davenport is stunned to find a woman literally drop into his lap who matches the picture in the locket his mother gave him. His mother who has the second sight commissioned this portrait from a vision she had about his true love. At this point, the story feels and sounds a bit sappy, doesn’t it? I found it to be cute and amusing. Ms. Payne forces us to suspend belief and as a result, her storyline is clever and endearing.

The struggle for Esme to adjust to the restrictions of the 1800s must have been overwhelming. I know I’d be feeling trapped. Esme’s ability to accept and adjust was a pleasant surprise. It helped to keep the story moving. Lord Davenport’s easy acceptance of a woman from the future boggled my mind. I couldn’t understand how he would be able to believe it so easily. Then again, Esme did possess several items which would have been impossible to be explained unless one believed in time travel.

Ms. Payne’s writing voice is one I like. She’s a breath of fresh air for me. I enjoyed how she demonstrated the frustrations and tensions between the two main characters. There was no “the lady doth protest too much” writing which is a great relief. The sex in the book was SugarKink sweet and I enjoyed the flip of roles. Esme was okay with the causal whilst Lord Davenport wanted more commitment. Lastly, I enjoyed Ms. Payne’s sense of humour. Adding in self defense skills from the 21st century to the 19th century generated much gleeful laughter on my part. I recommend Ms. Payne for the SugarKink readers who like a bit of fantasy wrapped up with their historical erotica.


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