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Review: Best Friend Temptation by Carrie Ann Ryan

★★★ ½

I love the entire Montgomery family. Reading the Ink series as we explore the second generation brings me such joy. Whenever I need a pick up me for feel good story, I know I can find it with Ms. Ryan's contemporary romances. In this latest installment, we are treated to a delicious threesome. Greer at the coffee shop doesn't have to choose between Ford and Noah.

Ford and Noah's friendship hurts my head. They are best friends who hooked up and yet they left their status in a nebulous state. This causes confusion, butt hurt feelings, and just all around miscommunication. Usually I would consider this a contrived conflict plot device but the way it is written, I get it. That is what I love about Ms. Ryan's characters and how she writes them. She gets into their head and shows us different perspectives. It may not be logical, but it is understandable. It helps me be more empathetic.

With Ford and Noah's relationship in a hot mess, it is a concern for Greer to literally and figuratively get in the middle of it. Their ups and downs of there relationship brings forth plausible ways of how a threesome can work. And when it does, it is so beautiful. This threesome wasn't an easy balance between the three of them. It is more complicated and showing how to overcome the communication challenges and needing to take into consideration more than one person's feelings was perfect.

This menage is recommended to romance lovers who like best friends to lovers theme.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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