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Review: Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews

★★★★★ @ilona_andrews #BloodHeir #mustbuy #mustread #Bookreview

2021 starts out in a spectacular manner with the highly anticipated Blood Heir. As soon as this book dropped onto my Kindle after midnight on the 12th of January, I started reading this book. I LOVED IT.

For those who have not read Kate Daniel series, this is a great book to get started into this world. I have loved Julie since her little side story of going to the special school Kate enrolls her in. This new series of undetermined number of books brings readers back to the beloved dystopian Atlanta. Julie has changed. She is no longer the angsty girl who is known for her sensate abilities; she is transformed from inside to out. I am impressed with this new Julie. She has taken the best of everything offered to her and reconciled the differences to forge her own path. Julie is the best of her grandfather, grandmother, adoptive mother and father. I adore her character. I love how she is not indestructible.

The characters that show up in this story have been mostly secondary yet important characters from the original series. To see them grown up and they way they have changed is exciting. Author Ilona Andrews blows my mind with Derek and Ascanio grown up. I liked both of these alpha males. I'm a bit surprised at how Ascanio turned out. I look forward to seeing these men coming into their own. Well, maybe Derek is already there. Seeing the younger generation of the pack and how Atlanta so quickly fell after Curran stopped being the Beast Lord and Kate gave up her claim to the land, it makes me understand Julie's point of view. Her argument with Nick is on point and I agree with all of it. The problems will come when any civilization becomes to large. The size in my opinion is the downfall of a civilization.

There is so much in this story. It is packed with action and a mystery. Author Ilona Andrews pens tightly woven stories with subplots within subplots that all bind together into an amazing story. The ending of this book with the Order discussion had me laughing like a loon. These little snippets filled with wry humour is something I love most from this talented author duo. I highly recommend this story to all readers who like urban fantasy and complicated heroes on a quest.


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