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Review: Born to be Badger

★★★★★★ out of ★★★★★ #Borntobebadger #ShellyLaurenston #NetGalley

I love the Honey Badger Chronicles and I am SO HAPPY Ms. Laurenston continued this series. Since I received this book, I have read it probably about 30 times already. Is it possible for me to give it a 6 out of 5 stars? I feel that way about every single book in this series though. Whilst this book can be read as a standalone, I don't recommend it. I recommend reading from book one. This way, all the characters make sense. This series keeps the same central characters and brings in just a few new ones as needed. The triad is Charlie, Max, and Stevie. These three sisters bring about trouble like no other. This story's focus is not about them. Instead it is about Tock, one of Max's friends. Or shall we say, "teammates".

If this is a book is about honey badgers, why is there a black and white tiger on the cover? Well... the Malone brothers, specifically the Black Malone brothers are involved again. They came into the picture in the tail end of book 3 (Max) and featured in book 4 with Mads. I love the Malone brothers. They are the definition of angry cat. They are easily pissed off and are a ruthless apex predator.

Yes, this story contains a bit of romance with Tock and one of the Malone brothers getting together. It is more a thin thread giving the story a bit of colour. This book is more plot driven with trying to figure out why Tock and her teammates have been targeted. As it turns out, there are several missteps from the previous books that have now borne rotten fruit. It is a doozy.

But what is it that makes me come back to read this book over and over again? It's the humour. And the absolute irreverence honey badgers have for authority. Honey badgers are hands down my favourite shifters in this world of shifters Ms. Laurenston created. There are other series that all tie into this world. I have read almost all of them and this series is the one that keeps pulling me back. Maybe because it isn't about the romance and it is all about figuring out who needs to be killed next. The amount of causal killing Tock and her teammate partake in, is truly impressive. To be such BAMF makes me so envious. They are so virtual indestructible. Although, there is a subplot in this story that may carry into the next couple of books in how to kill honey badgers.

This book is not to be missed if you like wacky humour, sociopathic females, and ruthless cutting through bullshit. This paranormal suspense is recommended to all honey badger lovers.

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