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Review: Brimstone Blues by Tymber Dalton

Do you have voices talking in your head? You might be crazy, or it could be someone else living in your head. Ever watch the movie, Being John Malkovich? This is sort of similar in some rather creepy ways. Taz is hearing Rafe's voice in her head. Is she going crazy from the guilt of inadvertently causing his death? It could be.

While she's trying to deal with Rafe randomly speaking to her, her powers are still growing as is her love for Matthias. The only problem is she still loves Rafe and in her dreams, she makes love to him over and over. This is definitely a different take on dream lover.

While Matthias is shut down and left out in the cold, his grandfather – Tobias - figures out what is going on. It really is two men wanting the same woman, but one of them is dead. How does this work out? Not well is what I think. The tug of rope game with Taz as the rope and Matthias clueless about the game is disconcerting for me. It does feel like cheating and I don't enjoy cheating stories at all. As Taz is trying to deal with her powers and emotional state, she's also planning Rafe's funeral as well as her own wedding.

At this point, I have to question, does she really want to marry Matthias? I don't see anything in this story demonstrating her love or desire for him. If this weren't enough, the forces behind Rafe's death and Taz's interrupted abduction strike at her again. We now learn the name of this evil mastermind. We also learn a bit about his organization and the fear he strikes in his followers.

I'm still viewing this series more as witchcraft rather than vampirism due to all the powers. Plus Ms. Dalton dispels most of the vampire mythology, even drinking blood to survive. Regardless, I'm starting to dislike Taz because of her inability to communicate, her secrets and mainly, her dishonest and disrespectful attitude towards Matthias. I don't understand why she keeps him hanging on a thread. I understand why Matthias wants her, but it seems he's receiving the raw end of the deal. I want all the secrets to come out into the open so we can have some closure and resolution. This is why I'm still invested in this storyline and want to read the next one.

Regardless about how I feel about the cheating situation, the sex is still hot. Ms. Dalton writes some smexy scenes that have me heated up. Rafe is definitely a dream come true lover. Matthias is the loving protector any woman would love. If this ends up as a ménage, I'd be thrilled. I recommend this story to paranormal romance lovers who want to know how the girl chooses in the end.


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