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Review: Cast in Wisdom by Michelle Sagara

★★★★★ #CastinWisdom #NetGalley @msagara #mustread

What exactly is a shadow? And why did one renegade dragon to into the shadowlands? I love this series because it carries me away into an alternate reality for hours. These novels by Ms. Sagara are lengthy, meaty and feels like a full immersion which then takes me days to come out of. I definitely experience a major book hangover after submersing myself in this series.

In this latest installment, we see a little more of Emperor. Not as a rule, but as a possible suitor trying to "relate" to Belusdeo. I find this amusing. We also see more of Akron. What I want to learn more about is Kaylin's handy dragon companion. I have so many questions going all different directions about this world. There are so many complexities to it and so many wonderful characters to delve into. I am thrilled that a spin off series was created specific for Severn. Now I want to see more movement for Kaylin to either uncover the mystery of the Shadows or we move on to another character to develop more fully. As much as I adore Kaylin, she seems to be stuck in a rut. Her house "mother's" her. Her friends are all developing and becoming adults. Yet Kaylin is still not sure what she is doing. She is still constantly rebelling against ... well, who knows?

She does have the kind heart and does the right thing but it feels like she is all instinct and absolutely no brain. When will she be able to start leading people instead of trying to get through the next emergency by the seat of her pants? When will she decide for herself what it is she wants in life? Hopefully in the next book we will see some growth in her. Because Severn seems to be decades ahead of her. She will never catch up at her pace and will she ever forgive and finally talk with Severn instead of having him as her babysitter?

This epic fantasy is highly recommended to readers who love complex worlds and like to have many questions... unanswered.

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