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Review: Cat out of Hell, Vol II by Candace Blevins

★★★ @CandaceBlevins #mustread #CatOutofHellVol2 #angerwarning

Book two picks up right after the cliffhanger in book one. In the first book, I liked Kendric. I felt I would warm up to Becca. And I was so excited to see Xaephan again. I gave a little fan girl squee when I saw his character in this three story arc. How things change in just one book. I did a complete 180. I am beyond livid reading this book and I can't honestly say that I enjoyed it. I am so mad that I could barely see straight by the end of this book. Oh, this book is a must read but I just couldn't process my extreme anger and my rating reflects my rage. I do highly recommend reading this book. Your rage mileage may vary.

First, I want to be clear that Ms. Blevins' world building is strong. Her plot is intricate and pulls a reader in. Her characters are complex and generate extreme emotions. I love this about a writer. This book is really well written and so meaty. There is so much going on in here. So why the 3 star rating? Because I didn't like what the characters did and I'm still pissed about it.

Second, I didn't get off on the torture scenes. I thought I would be good with them and that I would drink down the pain like Becca. I did not. Apparently this kind of torture doesn't do it for me. Or it could be that I am not in the right frame of mind to thirst for this kind of sadistic torture. Truthfully, I thought they were well written and unique. Becca is an exquisite torturer. My guess is that since my life is low stress right now and I'm enjoying everything that I'm just not disgruntled enough to savour the screams.

Third, I'm mad. I don't know if I can state this enough. Becca grows quite a bit in this story. This story arc is using character progression as I mentioned in my review for the first book. I love this kind of writing style and Becca not only grows on me but I kind of identify with her. Well, maybe I'm just solidly in her court. She's overcome so much. She's experienced a plethora of disappointment, pain and betrayal in just 27 years of her life. Now, she may be able to create a family with Kendric. She is coming into her own. So of course Ms. Blevins the sadist decides to totally derail Becca and stick it to her. Oh the pain and anguish. I felt stabbed in the heart and my gut torn out and tied in knots with what happened to Becca. It isn't the physical. It's the emotional trauma that completely pisses me off.

Full disclosure, I lost it and went right off the cliff. For me, by the end of this book, how the world will end in the next book is not how Ms. Blevins writes. Which is probably why I am not a writer. I would go full on Chinese movie style with burning the entire world down and taking as many people with Becca as possible. One mistake. Becca made 1 bloody mistake as a cry for attention. Oh my dear lord I was so mad I screamed. Yes, I get that Becca made a foolish tactical error. She is TWENTY SEVEN. Kendric is how old? THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD. Kendric's response was way out of proportion and totally unacceptable. Yeah, I get that he was hurt and Becca may have been bratty. Let's stop that thinking right there. He is in the position of power as the owner. She is still a slave. The power balance is completely unequal. Kendric you bloody MOFO I hope you suffer.

If I had my vengeful way, Becca's next trip to Hell would be her last because Xaphaen, Kirsten and Becca would all die. I would set it up so that would happen. Ms. Blevins has clearly stated that Kirsten can NOT die. At this point, I don't care because I'm so furious that I want Xaephan, Nathan, Kendric, every bloody stubborn headed male in this series to suffer and feel their heart SHATTER!

The ending of this volume is not so much a cliffhanger but a hook that will drag a reader right into the next book. Lastly, I did immediately dive into the third book and it extinguished my outrage by chapter 3 or 4. But I still wrote this review this way because I wanted to hold onto my grudge and anger. Who will you side with? Kendric or Becca? For me, it is obvious that I side with Becca. I'm not so much angry with Kendric as more disappointed in him. What I am MOST furious about is Xaephan. I want him dead. He is dead to me. Do you hear me Ms. Blevins? Xaephan is DEAD.TO.ME.

I highly recommend this book because it ignites quite a bit of emotion.


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