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Review: Crimson Summer by Heather Graham

★★★★ @heathergraham #CrimsonSummer @edelweiss_squad

This new series from Ms. Graham keeps catching me off guard and I love it. This is book two in the Amy Larson and Hunter Forest Series. It can be read as a standalone but probably better read in order written. This story starts out with another brutal murder. The difference is that the killer notified Amy and Hunter during their vacation. This is a well earned vacation after solving the last serial killings. This action-packed suspense thriller keeps me riveted and reading into the wee hours of the night.

The first book featured a theme of a white toy horse symbolizing the first of the four horsemen of the Apocolypse. This second book is with a red toy horse for the second horseman. I'm liking this tie in and makes this series more complex for me. Now I realize this may be a four or five-book series which generates great excitement for me. I enjoy books that keep me guessing and trying to figure out the villain. I also enjoy it when the plot is complex with many variables that require painstaking follow-up to figure out the real story.

The build-up, the suspense, and the not knowing what bad thing would happen next keeps me turning page after page. This plot-driven storyline contains it all for me. I also like how Ms. Graham throws in a few red herrings to make me suspect something a little too easy. I do find the villain to be smarter than your average criminal which makes it so satisfying when we figure out who commits and plans the crimes. Seeing the ramifications is delightful. Now that we have seen two of the four horseman, I am expecting the next book to be the 3rd horseman. I connot wait to see what comes out of the creative mind of Ms. Graham.

In addition to the great plot driven story, I genuinely like both Amy and Hunter. The story of how they meet is fraught with danger from the first book. This second book continues the danger and risk due to their job. They work so well together and I just love how they support each other. They have different strengths that are complimentary, making them the detecting dynamic duo. This suspense with a dash of romance is highly recommended to readers who enjoy trying to solve the case before the characters can with the little information doled out.

*provided by Edelweiss


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