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Review: Dark Predator by Christine Feehan


Zacarias de la Cruz is the oldest in the de la Cruz brothers and the most powerful. He also has the darkest soul, tattered in shreds due to centuries of killing his own kind. This was a very long book. Maguarita is from a long line of humans raised to defend the de la Cruz. She's sacrificed quite a bit already to protect them. She's also naturally gifted with animals. So we know she is psychically gifted which means she's a suitable lifemate for Zacarias.

The story basically goes like this.

Zacarias denies Maguarita is his lifemate and he's tired. Maguarita is compelled by this handsome yet predatory man and disobeys him. They miscommunicate a bit, Zacarias sees colour and he's stunned to find his lifemate. (Don't all of them feel stunned they have finally found their life mate?) Predictably, there are human and vampiric enemies which threaten to tear them apart. Old friend with ancient blood comes to donate some life saving blood. Hero are heroine are mad at each other for not trusting one another, they have wild passionate sex and they make up.

Basically, this is no different than many of the others in this series. I'm not sure why I keep reading them. I guess I just kind of want to know what happens to each of these Carpathian men. There is nothing fresh or new anymore. It's really the same theme over and over and the characters feel kind of interchangeable. I still like Ms. Feehan. I'm thinking perhaps it's time for her to retire this line and focus on her new ones. Recommended only for the Carpathian devoted fans.


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