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Review: Dark Song by Christine Feehan

★★★ ½ @AuthorCFeehan #bookreview #DarkSong #NetGalley

Brutalized, caged and isolated, how does Elisabeta ever adjust to the world after she's been freed? And this new world is centuries later since she was stolen from her family. This latest installment into the Carpathian world is brimming with misery, betrayal, and fear. Yet it is balanced with a little glimmer of hope.

I liked Elisabeta. She is a traumatized female doing her best to remove the conditioning of a mad man. For her, to have an old school Carpathian who is a warrior and an alpha male, it matches her perfectly. It does appear that this is the climax of the arc going on for the past several books. The show down against their real enemy is finally here and it is a big one. There are little scrimmages as well as major set backs. Through all of it, Elisabeta starts to find her strength. Even better, she starts to see herself through the eyes unfiltered by her crazed abuser.

This journey of emotional and mental healing as well as magical growth is a good one to read. It shows that no matter how dark and depressing a world has become, with a bit of faith, trust and love, there is a way to pull oneself out of it all. Elisabeta's plight is like many who suffer under domestic violence. Fortunately for her, she found her community to rally around her and boost her up when she suffers from doubt and despair. If only we could provide these kind of communities in real life to people in similar situations.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love with good triumphs over evil.

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