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Review: Dragon Arisen by Donna Grant

Each dragon king is looking for their mate. Alasdair is becoming more and more morose as the millennia pass by and he has neither a mate or dragons go govern. As the King of the Amethyst, his excitement in finally finding where their dragons were sent for safety is contagious. Unfortunately for him, these dragons are the descendants of his dragons and they care not for him. I have to admit, I find this so aggravating about the dragons who were given the ability to find safe haven from the humans. How can they not understand the sacrifices the Kings made? Perhaps my viewpoint is different because my day job is one where I have been responsible for 50+ people in my group. I find that those who have never had to lead or be responsible for others completely are sheltered from the realities of tough decisions.

In this story, we see how Alasdair needs a reason to live. I liked this story not only because purple is my favourite colour and Amethyst is my birthstone, but because we learn some big pivotal information. Just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier in this world Ms. Grant created, she blows my mind. The big reveal in this book takes us for another wild ride. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Alastair stumbles across Lotti and decides to help her out. Lotti is a contradiction personafied. Her childhood is rife with neglect and abuse. I'm horrified for her. It explains her distrust of others. They say a very independent woman is a woman who has suffered a lifetime of disappointment and broken trust from others. This completely describes Lotti.

As Alasdair and Lotti search for one of the missing Kings and learn more about each other, they encounter people they never expected to find. Their explosive magic for me did not translate to romantic chemistry. The romance part of this story I could have left it out and it still would have been fine or better. I'm more interested in the plots and subplots of this tale. There is so much going on and I just want to learn about it all. Ms. Grant once again doles out little pieces of information and then drops a complete bomb out of nowhere. I love it. This dragon romance is recommended to readers who are a long-time fan of this series and universe.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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