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Review: Dragon Revealed by Donna Grant

★★★ ½ @donna_grant #DragonRevealed #bookreview #1001DarkNights

In the last novella with a sweet Christmas celebration for our Dragon Kings, Varek is the only dragon missing. The mystery is solved in Dragon Revealed. Varek is more than just off planet. He may be out of realm too. It is confusing for him and for the readers at first because there is zero frame of reference other than being stuck in a prison cell.

This novella is setting up for the big confrontation between... the Dragon Kings left behind and the dragons sent to safety. It all comes down to this, or so I think. Whilst reading this story, little pieces of information didn't add up. For Jeyra, the longer she questions Varek at the behest of the council, the more she is seeing that there are discrepancies about the past and this little "safe" town she lives in.

I feel like there are more questions than answers in this story story. Where do these babies come from? When I learned how long some of them lived, it made me think, perhaps they are... not human. But what are they? I thought perhaps I knew but it didn't seem to go down this way. I am also wondering if perhaps I missed a book as I am not sure why a set of twins feel so dead set against the Dragon Kings, specifically the King of Dragon Kings.

These little insights through the short novella keeps my interest simmering as I am put on hold, waiting for the next big novel in this series. I cannot wait. This one with Jeyra and Varek is enlightening yet not enough for me. I want more! I feel like Veruca in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory when it comes to Ms. Grant's stories. I want more. I want it all. I want it NOW....

This novella is a good addition to the Dragon King series and recommended to readers who love dragon shifters and heroines who have an open mind.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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