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Review: Dragon Unbound by Donna Grant

In this novella, the plot thickens and previous boundaries are blurred. Cullen is experiencing something he hasn't seen in centuries - dragons taking to the air and enjoying their time without worrying about humans. Honestly, reading the Dragon Kings makes me want to slaughter all the humans because they are filthy greedy destroying animals. The Dragon Kings have suffered so much it is heartbreaking. In this new world where the dragons have escaped for refuge, it is once again threatened ... by these bloody humans.

Is the only good human a dead human? Maybe. None of the main dragons feel this way, but they are wary of the humans who are kept within the dragon's imposed own boundaries. I was hoping to learn the identity of the new adversaries threatening the dragons. Instead, we find more questions and more mysteries. Sometimes I find Ms. Grant's series to be just one long cock tease. When will we ever get to the climax? It is as if there are so many shiny things to explore that we are taking the longest path possible. Sometimes this is good because I enjoy reading about the mating between the King and their soul mate. Other times, I just want more information.

This story is a little bit of both. I enjoyed Cullen trying to woo Tamyln who has been trained to fear dragons, specifically dragon kings. Some of the points she brings up are very valid and bring up more questions about the main plot. I like how Ms. Grant creates all these layers. I am almost distracted by the different groups of people who seem to be in this world coming from nowhere. Then I remember that there is a hidden adversary which we catch a tiny glimpse of and then they disappear. I don't have enough information to make an educated guess. I want to learn so much more and maybe ... based on Ms. Grant's track record, it may take another 5 or more books before we get to the meat of it. I'll be along for this long and winding ride! Recommended to paranormal romance readers who enjoy a long-running series with side excursions.

*I received an advanced copy


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