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Review: Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley


After reading Dream Makers, the first in this new series, I immediately wanted to buy and read the second book. Coming out in December 2020, I was resigned to wait for Kathryn's (aka Ryn) book. To my surprise, it was available as an ARC and I danced with glee when I was awarded a copy for review. I felt like I won the lotto. Rock Chick lovers, Ms. Ashley is back and even better than before. If you enjoy protective alpha males, females with hearts of gold, dysfunctional families and tear-jerking drama, this book is for you.

At first, I Ryn generates mixed feelings for me. She comes across like a doormat who is just being used by her worthless sister in law. Her brother's selfish baggage only drags Ryn down. Not only do they not appreciate Ryn's kindness and support, they tromp all over her. I'm just as pissed for her as Boone. Boone is the love interest who wants Ryn. But... it's complicated. He's a dominant and Ryn is a submissive whose been scorn and torn down.

For those who think this is going to be kinkfest, that is not the case. This is one of the most vanilla books I have ever read with a Dom and sub. Yes, yes, there is a supposed invite only party. We all know how that turned out. There is a lot of mentioning of kink but it was all more of a cock tease. Frankly, I'm a bit baffled and not sure where the kink was in this story. It is so light that I couldn't taste a trace of it. Then again, I am a bit heavier into kink so that could be why to me, this was just sweet, sweet vanilla.

As with the first book in this series, there are several familiar characters showing up as supporting cast. One surprising character is Cisco. The more I read about this guy, the more I want to learn about him. He almost but not quite eclipsed the main love interest, Boone for me. Cisco is a man of mystery with a complicate past and a turbulent existence. I am hooked. Plus, he drives the "good" guys crazy. He is the perfect anti-hero.

Speaking of perfection, what I like about Ms. Ashley's characters is that they are not perfect. They are relate-able people with real life issues that they work through. Sometimes it goes well and other times it does not. In the end, all works out with a little help from friends. Readers who enjoy feel good books about chosen family instead of blood families, this will hit the spot. Strongly independent readers will be able to easily step into Ryn's shoes of refusing people's help. There is a reason why some people are overly independent, because they have learned to not trust on anyone else. This story is an uplifting one where even the most broken find a path to healing. This book is highly recommended to romance lovers who enjoy a wild rollercoaster ride and still want a happily ever after.


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