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Review: Dreaming of a Heart Lake Christmas by Sarah Robinson

Christmas in Summer? Ready for a sweet Hallmark movie moment? Look no further than this book. New-to-me author Ms. Robinson brings forth an endearing tale of rediscovery, connecting, and growth. Nola Bennett returns to her hometown where she's felt most loved by her deceased grandmother. Whilst visiting to manage her grandmother's estate, she spends time with her besties and reconnects with her high school crush.

What I like about this story is how it shows both sides of change. Nola is the quintessential trailblazer who wants to innovate and adapt to the latest trends. She does not want to be left behind. She wants to remain relevant. I completely identify with her. Tanner on the flip side does not want to change. He loves the history and memories he has created over the years. Watching so many of his childhood places torn down and switch to a franchise bland place breaks his heart. I feel for Tanner. I understand and feel the same when someplace I love is suddenly gone. It is as if my experience and memories are being erased and never existed.

This story is filled with meaning and the views of how two different viewpoints are valid. What is more important is that we do not have to pick one or another. In fact, As Nola starts to understand Tanner's perspective, she moves closer to his way of thinking. Just as Tanner finally realizes that Nola's point is also true because those who do not adapt, may die. This coming together and blending the best of both worlds makes my heart sing. I love this affirming message as well as the heartfelt way Ms. Robinson presents it.

This romance is a feel-good holiday tale recommended to readers who want to experience a break from the fast pace world and take joy in meaningful relationships.

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