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Review: Encore in Death by J.D. Robb

4 stars #JDRobb @Edelweiss_Squad #autoread

Malicious envy is one of the most insidious traits in a person. In the latest wonderful addition in the In Death Series, Eve comes across a heinous crime. A horrible death leaving behind half of two deeply in love celebrities Eliza Lane and Brant Fitzhugh.

This suspense had me second, then third guessing myself. I enjoyed every twist and turn in this story. I liked how Ms. Robb added the layers of frustration with false leads or dead ends. Showing how a detective needs to chase down and follow up on each clue gives me a better appreciation for this thankless job.

With each book in this series, I keep thinking there is nothing new that Ms. Robb can write about. Each time I am grateful to be proven wrong. I devoured this book in a sitting and ended up with a massive book hangover the next day. The emotions pulled from me in this story is what I love about Ms. Robb's writing. She makes it personal and each victim becomes more than just a dead body. I wonder what the world would be like if more people read books to see and experience the sorrows, regrets, frustrations, hurts, and joy that characters can bring to life. This futuristic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy mysteries that touch the soul.

*provided by Edelweiss


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