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Review: Final Heir by Faith Hunter

★★★★ ½ @HunterFaith #FinalHeir #HighlyAnticipated #NetGalley

BEAST IS THE BEST! This is a satisfying end to a great series. The first 30% of the book was a bit of a drag for me. After that, the hits just keep on coming. The casts of characters I have grown to love over the years show up. Even a couple I don't like. There is an unexpected heartbreaking scene for me at the beginning that set the tone of this book. This is the end of this chapter for Jane. A new chapter or perhaps a totally new book will start in her life. There is so much to process in this book. There are big fight scenes, blood, gore, sex, and loss. Still, this is balanced with a bit of humour here and there. One of my favourite characters because she is such a precocious 8 yo is Angie-baby. I really hope there is a spin-off series for her. Or more novellas with her growing up and coming into her own. She is a handful. I am glad she is not my daughter. lol.

The chapters fly by with action scene after action scene as different combined assaults hits Jane and her vampires. Jane is slowly picked apart by different foes coming from all sides. Since the reader is seeing from Jane's point of view, we are just as frustrated trying to figure out how the attacks tie together and the real culprit behind it all. When Jane finally puts it together, it may be just a little too late.

There are casualties in this war as Jane fights to keep her crown. Her desire to no longer be Queen as well as change the entire vampire way of life is not well received by some of the older vampires. Jane depends upon her powerful witchy friends, vampires, and a missing angel. The threads from previous books all come together as we learn more about the angel. It is astonishing how the angel times into everything from the start. There is a lot going on in this book and I don't want to give any spoilers. Suffice to say that Jane's friends stand by her. Just as some of Jane's past comes back to haunt and hurt her. This urban fantasy is recommended to fans of this series who want their happily ever after.

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