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Review: Finding the Road to Us by Carrie Ann Ryan

★★★ ½ #FindingtheRoadtoUS

How a family can be so toxic and crazy favouritism to one child versus the other, I cannot fathom. For it to be towards twins, I'm even more baffled. This romance starts out at the lowest point with Sidney and her runaway groom. The blurb does not do this story justice. It is so much worse. Just when I think Sidney's fiance couldn't be any worse, he proves us all wrong. The jerk needs to be unalived.

Whilst Sidney's life completely exploded, Elliot is having his own imploding life situation. Elliot is pulling into himself and becoming more and more isolated from his tightly knit family. Elliot's PTSD takes on a different direction than his brothers. His is no less painful or traumatic. Trace's situation isn't any better. Except he and Elliot have been dancing around their attraction for a while.

What I liked about this story is how the time progressed without every grueling detail was explained in the year between Sidney's heartbreak and when she comes back to the Wilder Winery. This cleansing trip is a wonderful idea and I am rooting for Sidney. She is strong and a survivor. Matching her energy, Elliot and Trace take a step forward and it's so good.

I enjoyed the menage part of this story. Watching these three come together little by little was a pleasure. Their relationship may be unconventional but it works so well for them. As they grow together and their families accept (or don't accept) them, it is awesome. This is a lovely romance recommended for menage lovers who enjoy a full triad.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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