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Review: Fire Magic and Ice Cream by Lauren Connolly

★★★★ @laurenaliciaCon #FireMagicandIceCream #Delicious

Author Lauren Connolly is now one of my must-read authors. I just read this book and it is fantastic. This is a new series and the romance in it is sweet and fiery mixed with everything goodness. What I really liked, are the two characters here, Quinn and August, they match up so well because of their Elemental Magic. In this world, there are Elementals who are descendants of gods and they have Fire, Ice, Water, and all sorts of different elemental magics. For Quinn, unlike her two sisters who are able to control their fire because it's emotion-based, hers is all sexual base. Makes for an awkward time learning from Daddy how to control your powers, right? Since she didn't want to be tutored by any parent on how to control her fire ability, she is left a bit uncontrolled.

I found this world that Miss Connelly has created to be fascinating. Wouldn't it be fun for a secret society of all these magic users walking amongst humans? August, our main man is a unique elemental for the lower 48 States. He is a unicorn. Why? Because there are few ice elementals in existence, or at least the Elementals are aware of them. August's chosen profession makes perfect sense - specialty ice creams. What better place to open an ice cream shop than in Phoenix?

When August and Quinn meet, it's electrifying. The interaction between August and Quinn is hilarious because neither one knows that they are Elementals. Their attraction experiences ups and downs due to misunderstandings and fears of hurting the other one. Luckily instead of clashing powers, they are complementary and balance each other. The romance takes a few steps forward and backward, which makes it a bit more believable, and I like that part of the romance. I also found it to be interesting where we bring the family members in and it's more than just instant love romance.

It's a slow romance building through dates to learn about each other and also learn about family. I like all of the ties that they have with their different friends and I enjoy how this story is about more than just, the two of them. They are part of a bigger whole and they have to take into consideration what other complications could impact their growing relationship. Overall, this was a very sweet and sexy romance. I would actually consider it a kind of clean romance. It is not clean in the sense that there's no sex in it. So if you get bang-xiety, don't worry about it. This book definitely has some decent sex scenes. There's nothing crazy kinky about it. There's nothing dark about it. It's more that it's wholesome. This contemporary romance is highly recommended to romance readers that enjoy a little bit of magic and sweet romance.

* A copy was provided by the author for review.


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