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Review: First and Forever by Eve Dangerfield

★★★★ @Eve_Dangerfield #FirstandForever

Wow, I am loving this series. Ms. Dangerfield's return to writing after a hiatus has clearly been good for her. This book is a must-read. I loved the characters, the concept, and the execution is a quick thrust to the heart. This romance between a DJ and a Rugby play is unexpected and so sweet. I loved the vocations of the characters and their conflict.

I love reading about female DJ. It isn't an easy business to get into and as a male-dominated profession, reading about Eden aka Bunny Descent is fabulous. I admire how Ms. Dangerfield picks traditionally male-dominated jobs and puts in a female protagonist trying to make it in this dog-eat-dog world. The issues Eden encounters are all too real. Does she sleep her way to the top? If there is even a little bit of hint at it, it could destroy her career. How to make it big? In comes the adorable and lovable Willow.

Willow gives me a new perspective on the C average student. That is how Willow (Sloan) comes across to me. He cruises through life and he lives a charmed one. More or less he just lets things go and he is always fortunate that things work out. His life to date is not intentional. If you asked me a decade ago or so, I would have still hated on this type of person. Now in my mellowed and jaded age, I see Willow in a different light and can understand him better. He is in many ways the polar opposite of Eden.

What I love about this series is how the characters bring out the BEST in each other. Instead of being catty or backstabbing, these characters genuinely become better people. Eden isn't a bad person. Nor is Willow. Their coming together brings about a certain polish and synergy that is beautiful to witness. I love how Eden and Willow have ups and downs. I love how they connect and still at times miscommunicate. This realistic portrayal of romance is wonderful to see. Well, okay, maybe the ending is a bit idealistic. But hey, it could happen! This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who understand (and maybe fear) dating in the social media age.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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