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Review: Ghostly Game by Christine Feehan

★★★ ½ @AuthorCFeehan #GhostlyGame #NetGalley

How many female orphans were experimented on? I thought there were about a dozen or so but we are now on book 19 so, maybe more like twenty something? This latest one is a sad one. Well, all of them are sad, are they not? This one is interesting how Ms. Feehan approaches it because our main character, Laurel is completely clueless about her background. She doesn't know she is a GhostWalker. This book can be read as a standalone.

On the surface, Laurel aka Rory is a typical female in the States. The States is becoming less focused on family, unity and community and more on the individual. To be single and away from a family was unusual even 30 years ago. Now, families are spreading out, losing contact, or breaking away at the slightest hint of offense. For Rory, it is difficult for her to explain it because she does not have much memory of her life. When it is revealed why her memory is missing and how it was locked away, I'm blinking in disbelief. Not so much that I find it incredulous. More that I cannot fathom the type of willpower and survival instinct Rory possesses. She is incredible. In a world filled with victims and whining, Rory is a breath of fresh air. She is a survivor and she fixes the issues at hand.

Coming across Gideon is not only fortuitous, but an anchor point that Rory didn't even know she wanted or needed. It is almost like a sleeping beauty story in the sense that Rory's been asleep at the wheel, moving every few months. She goes through the motions of living yet never fully participates. Gideon pulls her into the present and things she never thought about or wanted suddenly become important. Their interactions are unique and I thoroughly enjoyed their idiosyncrasies. The little birds singing to each other thrilled me.

This is a lovely romance with heartache tempered with hope. Recommended to hopeless romantics who love fated mate themes.

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