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Review: Girl in the Mist by Kristen Ashley

★★★ @jennw23 #GirlintheMist

The plot of this story is what I come to expect from Ms. Ashley. Protective Alpha male who doesn't talk much and a female who is in dire need of a knight in shining armor. This book was hard for me to read because of the weird writing style. I am not sure if Ms. Ashley was experimenting or what, but it was off-putting. The way that Delphine the main character's point of view is written is jarring with its broken inner dialogue and incomplete thought sentences. I wanted to smack Delphine across the face and shout "JUST SPIT IT ALL OUT AT ONCE!"

This is the start of a new series set in the same universe as the Rock Chicks. There are a few mentions of Hawk and his crew. Mostly, this is a fresh cast of characters created with the same mold as most of her previous books. For example, Cade is estranged from his wife because she has major hate on their daughter. She loves their sons because... boys. A girl is obviously going to be competition. It seems there are only two types of women in Ms. Ashley's books. Women who hate their daughters with a passion and women who love their daughters to the extreme. There is absolutely no in between. As a plot device, it is a bit overplayed. It is familiar and comfortable for Ms. Ashley's fans.

This book is trying to lean more towards the suspense genre? I'm not sure. It felt a little clunky which could be due to trying something new. I am interested in the more suspense part and wonder what will happen in the next book of this series.

There is something addictive about Ms. Ashley's books. Even if they aren't always well written or use plot devices that I find hostile towards certain lifestyles, they hold a consistent thread of creating friendships. I like how women bond in their books. It's alluring and something I find elusive in my own life so I love reading about it and imagining what it could be like.

Overall, this new direction possesses potential. Recommended for romantic suspense readers who are Kristen Ashley fans.

*An ARC was provided by Social Butterfly.


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