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Review: Guardian's Grace by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★★ #bookreview

When it comes to fated mates, it doesn't always work out well for the two. This is a topic many authors tend to avoid as readers prefer to have fated mates to be a "happily ever after" with no issues. I applaud Ms. Zanetti who shows that sometimes, being fated is not all it is cracked up to be.

Adare is the curmudgeonly old "man" who has seen everything and done everything. I like to think of Adare as the guy who won't tell you what you need to think and he won't push his agenda on you as long as you don't push yours on him. So when he is told that a key female needs to be saved and coincidentally, she might be his mate...he steps up and mates her.

Unfortunately, in this world of "consent", said female is pissed that she's been saved only to be tied to some old school vampire. Personally, I think Grace is an ungrateful git. Her attitude and desire to avoid Adare to her detriment is juvenile and causes more problems. But that's the plot conflict, isn't it? A headstrong stubborn female who decides to ignore common sense and any help.

Whilst Grace messes up her life and her mate's Adare is in the wings, waiting to catch her when she needs help. I liked Adare and I get his grumpiness. His interactions with Grace finally gets her to take her head out of her butt and start focusing on more important issues. The action in this book is at just the right pace. I enjoyed the interactions and the dynamic between the two once Grace finally stops focusing on herself and her wants.

Recommended for paranormal readers who like protective alpha males.


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