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Review: Hero: Alpha Mountain by Renee Rose

★★★½ @ReneeRoseAuthor #HeroAlphaMountain @Jennw23

A new series of former military men, Ms. Rose and Ms. Vale captures my attention with alpha man Ford and small-town girl, Indi. As a second chance and best friend's sister romance, this is enjoyable from, beginning to end. The former military parts may be a bit stretching it, but it makes for a good story.

Ford is a man on a mission. He may no longer be part of the military but he still knows how to command. He's creating a safe haven for his former team members. I found this to be admirable because so many times after being trained in the military for so long, especially in combat, I read about veterans struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. I am not sure how lucrative being a for-hire mercenary is when it is legit jobs. Somehow Ford's small team is raking in the dough. I like it. Leave me to my fantasy of a mountain stronghold with sexy alpha men that know how to survive.

Indi also knows how to survive. She knows how to run guided outdoor tours. It sounds exhausting yet fun. Her ability to navigate through water and land is touched upon a bit here and I liked reading about her ups and downs. What I didn't like is how Indi's self-esteem was damaged by careless words from a youthful crush and an overprotective brother.

The sparks between Ford and Indi when they meet again and get thrown into a complicated situation would set the woods on fire. There may be a little bit of eye-rolling with how dense and irrational Ford behaves. I want to give Indi a talking to and basically tell her, "Girl, it's not you. It's him. He's an idiot. Smack him upside the head. Maybe it will reboot his brain and he'll start thinking logically again." This best friend's little sister trope is not a favourite of mine which is probably why the rating is only a 3.5 star. The writing is good. The characters are fun and the sex is sweet. Ford's insistent to keep a woman he wants at arm's length because of some "bro code" is asinine. I could have done without it in the story. This is more than just a romance. There is a bit of suspense and justice service. I like it! Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book. This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who enjoy alpha males, second chance romance, and a dash of suspense.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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