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Review: Immortal's Honor by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★ ½ @RebeccaZanetti.books @NetGalley #ImmortalsHonor

With a cover like this, I know I'm in for a good ride with a bad boy. Ms. Zanetti delivers another hilarious and action-packed book in this much-loved Dark Protectors series. Sam is up to find his fated mate. Sam is one of the "7" and he becomes a special title within the 7 to protect a beloved younger cousin. The problem with this title, "keeper"? It makes his demon rage a bit fiery.

What does Ms. Zanetti do with a sullen and bad boy like Sam? She of course throws at him a spunky, snarky female who keeps him on his toes. Honor is HILARIOUS. She doesn't buy anything he is selling. She protests both verbally and physically... quite violently. The sparks coming off of Sam and Honor literally are fascinating to watch.

What I liked about this story is not just Honor and Sam getting together. We also find out more about Hope and her tug of war between Pax and Drake. For Drake to believe so wholeheartedly that he is on the side of right... even when hundreds of enhanced women are being tortured and blood sacrificed for one person to harvest. How is Drake so blind?

I also want to know how many more secret societies are there in this universe. Is everyone part of a secret society to protect the world? Do they all have a club charter and mission? Why are they all so insistent they are in the right? These "good" guys in their different boys clubs seem to constantly be working against each other accidentally. W.T.H.

Overall, this is an exciting book with Sam and Honor constantly trying to get away from each other, yet being brought back together. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy an action-packed romance between a bad boy and kick-butt girl.

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