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Review: Inked Temptation by Carrie Ann Ryan

★★★★ @CarrieAnnRyan #InkedTemptation @GiveMeBooksPR

Quickly growing on me, Ms. Ryan brings forth another lovely romance in the Montgomery Inc: Fort Collins series. I cannot get enough of this huge family of Montgomerys. Some of it is a longing to belong to such an amazingly tight-knit family. Some of it is wishing there were so many people who I could learn from and lean on when I need a little DIY.

Killian Hart (what a wonderful name!) is a man who has lost pretty much everything. His story is a sad one. When Archer literally falls on top of Killian, it is life-changing. Archer is in a bad time of his life. Whilst not as devasting loss as Killian's, Archer is nevertheless in a dark period too. What I liked about this story is how it shows that loss is not a competition. Each individual's experiences are valid and meaningful to them. When two people can empathize and find mutual ground, it sparks a bond.

Archer's life from the outside may seem charmed. He is surrounded by a loving family. He has a great job and looks like he has it all together. As Archer shares what his life was like with his ex-husband, it is clear that even a charmed-looking life is not what it seems. I feel for Archer. Having been in a relationship like that with a boyfriend, it is frustrating and hurtful. I have never experienced Killian's horror and hope never to go through it.

Killian's hesitancy and Archer's gun-shy manner work well in this story as they try to move forward with their life. Their family and friends as a support group are awesome. I loved Penny, Archer's twin, and the myriad of Montgomery relatives. Cora the three-legged dog brings a smile to my face. This romance is not an easy one. It is a heartwarming one that brings hope to those who are lost. This contemporary romance is recommended for readers who enjoy "finding love again" themes.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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