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Review: Interference/Insurgency by Michelle Diener

★★★★ @MichelleDiener #InterferenceInsurgency #novella

After reading Riding the wave, I immediately went to look for the rest of the books in this series. Fortunately for me, they are all available on Amazon. Definitely worth the read! This initial one is two novellas compiled into one book. It kicks off the world building for the Verdant String Series. This series is an interesting concept regarding capitalism versus socialism. Ms. Diener basically showcases only the worst of capitalism and only the theoretical possibilities of socialism. For those who can't get over this oversimplification and narrow narrative, you are missing out on a really well written series.

Interference is a moon which is showing an exciting discovery of ancient artifacts. This moon is special because its artificial gravitational is different than the seven colonized planet. With this world building, we learn about an entire planet wiped out and then its people enslaved or starved into almost extinction. I see where Ms. Diener takes real life historical events and weaves them into a kind of a parable to be explained throughout this entire series. I like it. For history lovers, the shameful events of the last couple of centuries are retold in an easy to understand manner.

Insurgency pulls me more into the story. It is loosely tied to the first novel in that the same group of people, Halatian are being used as blackmail against an entire planet. What I found interesting is the main villain running the terrorist plot. I found their background drawing parallels to another shameful event in our more recent history from the last century. I like it.

What I liked most is the architecture design Tila lives in. The building she works in is also similar that it has special rooms and puzzles to lead a person to the secret room. I love this kind of thing. It's like a Chinese puzzle box but in architectural form.

Both of these novellas are tightly written and lay a solid foundation for the rest of this series. I recommend reading both before starting on the first book in this series.


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