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Review: Into the West by Mercedes Lackey

I am absolutely loving this series and cannot wait to read the next book. This book should be read in the order it was written. In this second book of the latest Valdemar series, we encounter the Hawkbrothers! For those who have not read any of the related Valdemar series, this is a great intro to these amazing people. They are a wicked blend of fae in human form living in peace with the world and all its many creatures. I have always admired these people and I am so thrilled to see them again.

We get to experience the exciting journey of finding a new home. The big planning to disappear into a different location far away from the crazy emperor is now all done. The original adrenaline rush of fight or flight is over. The grueling part of building a totally new home from scratch once found is hard work. I love how Ms. Lackey takes us with the refugees as they meet new people and find the right fit for there people. The ability to have choices and to choose your own destiny is strong and present. Being a good neighbor is also a great thing demonstrated in this book. If only more people where like this when they have to welcome a new group of people or if they are a new group of people trying to find their forever home.

There are so many nuances to building a strong community. This book contains many of them, even down to when things go wrong, how do they recover. I was a bit surprised by the little elemental that was trapped in the first book to show up in this new book. It ties in so well. This is a plot driven book filled with heartwarming world building. It contains everything I love about the Valdemar world. This book is recommended to fantasy readers who enjoy visiting old friends and meeting new ones.

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