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Review: Junkyard War by Faith Hunter

Book three in the Junyard series is another winner for me. This book needs to be read in the order written otherwise it won't make as much sense. With the background of the previous two, the cyperpunk type jargon used in this book was easier to swallow, so to speak. This is book all about war. War with another rival queen who is not benevolent like Shining.

I really enjoyed the logistics and planning of taking the fight to Clarisee. Mixing in with this technological advanced Mad Max type world, are the motorcycle gangs. The patriarchy lives strong in a post apocalyptic world. This is where might means right. When Shining goes up against the various factions all led by men, it could be a bust. Having grown up in this world and leaving it behind, it is glorious to see Shining rising to the challenge. She slips on her authority and power like a familiar coat and shows every one who is the BAMF. In addition, she is able to give a definite advantage that no other can provide. I am all about #teamshining There are a few relationship issues that are finally resolved. It is good to see Shining coming to accept who she was, what she has become, and what she needs to be.

What I like about this series is how different it is from most of the books I read. The world building is fresh with different genres mixed together. The plot is also a new variation of tried and true tropes I enjoy. I have to take my time to read this story and enjoy the military strategies. I find in my older age that stories requiring intrigue and war strategies keep my attention better. Even better when the rebellion is using asymmetrical warfare. This is a hard to categorize book. I do recommended it for those who enjoy nanobots and dystopian worlds with a Max Mad flair.


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