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Review: Loving the Wolf by Paige Tyler

★★★★ @PaigeTyler #LovingtheWolf #NetGalley

Another winner by Ms. Tyler, Loving the Wolf delves more into the paranormal world where there is more than just the Big Bad Wolf. Trevor believes he has found his One. It happens to be his best friend's sister which gets messy. I truthfully never understood the big brother having issues with their best friend dating a younger sister conflict, but apparently that is a thing. It is a horrid thing in this book, so be aware those who loved Connor in the last book, you might change your mind here. This book can be read as a standalone. I recommend reading all the books in this series.

There are so many things going on in this book. This is a page turner and I read this all in one sitting. First of all, Jenna comes off looking a bit flaky in a previous book. Seeing her in this book, really goes to show that there are two sides to every story. I like the Jenna I'm seeing her. Plus her job as a special effects creator for monster costumes in movies is fantastic. What she does to help out homeless is even better. I love this character from head to toe. It does not surprise me that Trevor finds everything about her appealing. She is pretty amazing.

Second of all, who is this Connor? This is not the caring guy who worried about his missing cat. This is not the guy who goes all out to help his teams. This is not the guy who would die to help others out. This Connor is selfish and so cruel. I am shocked by how he treats his sister. Honestly, when picking a mate, watch how they treat their family. Because this is what they will start doing to you. If they take their family members for granted or make them feel worthless, that will be you soon. I am appalled by the Connor I see here. Ms. Tyler does explain why we see such a different Connor. It does not matter to me. He is toxic and I no longer like him.

Third, the paranormal species in this story are crazy scary. I have never seen this specific paranormal species depicted in this manner. Props to Ms. Tyler for creating a different interpretation. Their entire civilization gives me a circa 1987 Beauty and the Beast TV series vibe but in the worst way possible. How this civilization all ties together to Jeanna and Connor's traumatic past is pretty nifty. I loved this plot.

Lastly, Trevor and Jenna's interactions are just adorable. I love their interactions. Their fears and how they overcome them to learn more about each other is heartwarming. This is a lovely paranormal romance recommended to readers who enjoy a bit of suspense and fated mate themes.

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