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Review: No Time to Lie by Lexi Blake

★★★★★ #NoTimetoLie @AuthorLexiBlake

Drake, Drake. . . how did come to this? No Time to Lie starts out with a bang and keeps the tension through til the end of the book. I loved this book and I am so glad Drake's story came to be. I was not sure who he would be paired with and I am glad it is a new character. There is a big reveal in this book that I started to suspect about 25% into the book. I felt a bit of worry in the pit of my stomach and when my suspicions came true, I cried for Drake.

This story arc has been developing over the course of the last few books in this spin-off series. A big showdown occurs but it does not finish this arc which surprised me. Drake's happily ever after with the woman of his dreams may have come true, but it is a bittersweet ending overall. I love this because I like it tart with my sweet. I do want to take a side tangent whilst writing this review. I encourage all readers to read the author's foreword. There is quite a bit of insight and all I can say is that I hope we can ring the bell for Ms. Blake soon, if not already. It would be a happy day to be completely in the clear and healthy again.

I have found Drake to be an agent I liked. He must work within his job parameters and yet he still bends them. His sexual growth into a dominant is so well written. I loved it. His seduction of Taylor ticks off all my checkboxes. Their strained relationship is understandable. It is a difficult situation that our favourite "sex therapist" Ian comes to the rescue. The discussions between Ian and Drake about his love life on the rocks are surreal. I love this recurring motif Ms. Blake inserts into her stories. This amuses me to no end and I love Ian's witty gems. I cannot help but chortle in glee.

This is a book that I did read all in one sitting and experienced a book hangover the next day. Fortunately I could start work late or I would have been a no show for early morning meetings. I enjoyed the pace of the story as well as how the events unfolded. There were no surprises for me, only sorrow for Drake as he receives betrayal after betrayal. Well played, Ms. Blake. This romantic suspense is recommended to everyone.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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