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Review: People in Glass Houses by Jayne Castle

Dust bunnies are one of the pets I would love to have. It would be a hard choice between the fire dragons of Perth and the dust bunnies of Harmony. Why not have both? All kidding aside, this latest in the Harmony series is another great read. This can be read as a standalone. I recommend reading all the books in the series. They can be read in any order and still be enjoyable. This one follows a similar pattern of a tarnished reputation and a person caught between a rock and a hard spot.

This time, it is the woman who rides to the rescue of the man who is labeled as crazy. Molly is determined to help Joshua because he is the only one who can give her what she wants. What she wants, is her sister back. Joshua is the last person who saw her and Molly does not care if he has to suffer to help her find Leona. The adventure because with Molly tracking down Joshua. From there it only gets wilder.

Ms. Castle continues to tease the reader about the aliens who originally inhabited this planet. Will we ever learn where they came from and where they went? Will we ever learn more about how the dust bunnies came to be? So many questions and there seems to be no answer in sight. This only makes me want more and more from this familiar yet alien world.

The plot of this story moved along at the right pace for me. Cameos from previous main characters in this story enhanced my enjoyment. I also adored Newton, the latest dust bunny to show up. He didn't steal the show like in some of the previous stories where the dust bunny became the unintentional focal point. Newton is the solid sidekick that helps both Molly and Joshua solve their mystery. This is another great addition to the series and highly recommended for a fun read.

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