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Review: Rebel (Alpha Mountain) by Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale

★★★ ½ @ReneeRoseAuthor @IamVanessaVale #Rebel

Book two in the Alpha Mountain series goes down smooth and sweet. For those who like reformed "bad girls", this book is for you. This book can be read as a standalone.

Hayes is part of the former SEAL team building their new home and base on a mountain. In this small town in Montana, it is slim pickings for young single males when it comes to dating. With Hayes and his team of former military men, they are eye candy and just waiting to be tasted. Maybe like a box of chocolates. . .

For Megan, a deputy in this small town, the last thing she needs is to be tangled up in the sheets with an honourable man like Hayes. Seeing from Megan's point of view and her insecurities, it is understandable why she wants to enjoy one-night stands. It is increasingly apparent to me that adults who have been neglected as children struggle more than ones who received a loving childhood. Megan's childhood was shattered in a way that makes my heart sad. Since then, she's done her best to pull herself out and lead a life she can be proud of. She is succeeding.

Blending Megan's past with her desire to one day maybe have a family and feel loved, authors Ms. Rose and Ms. Vale create a sweet and suspenseful romance. The plot of this story is straightforward and there are no surprises. Hayes' chasing of Megan is an amusing "Sadie's Hawkins" twist. What I enjoyed about this story is that I couldn't tell when one author wrote versus another. This story blended well and the sweetness of it balanced the bitterness of Megan's past. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who love a good redemption story.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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