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Review: Resonance Surge by Nalini Singh

I loved this brutal romance. I find the StoneWater bears to be a crazy fun bunch of fierce changelings. Full disclosure, I went into this story completely blind. I did not read the blurb. I love Ms. Singh's storytelling so I like to go in cold to be surprised. Boy did this story surprise me and I do not believe reading the blurb ahead of time would have prepared me for this tale. I am rating it highly because it caused me to weep in sorrow.

The increasingly destabilizing psy net does not seem to be getting better. Each story in this series comes up with hope to fix the problem yet there continues to be so much devastation. How does one repair a structure that was created on a faulty premise? I am not sure. Still, the Psy are trying there best with the help of new found allies. Theodora Marshall of that Marshall family has been a hidden secret for years. Her grandfather was a terrible person and died way too easy. The cruelty shown to Theodora is off the charts. What she and her twin have is special and thankfully her disgusting depraved grandfather was selfish enough to keep Theodora around due to this connection.

I liked this double twin plot. With the bears twins Yakov and Pavel. Yakov with Theodora on the surface seem like an unlikely match yet they balance each other so well. They have a core strength and moral compass that perfectly sync up. Even though they have a twin that matches them like no other, it does seem as though Yakov and Theodora are soulmates. Their tentative relationship with the grumpy bear and the timid bookish analyst brings a cute imagery to mind. As we learn more about their past and experiences, I like both characters even more.

The abuse in this story is darker than usual for Ms. Singh. I am finding several authors I have enjoyed over the last two decades turning darker and darker in their story writing. I am not sure if this trend is due to how they are experiencing the world or something else. I find it a slightly disturbing pattern even if I appreciate and enjoy it. I tend to read and soak in the pain of darker material because it invokes more emotion in me. This story is a roller coaster ride of tumultuous feelings. I love it.

Ms. Singh creates a poignant romance built stronger under great pressure and loss. This romance is highly recommended to readers who revel in angst and sorrow.

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