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Review: Rising Sun by Donna Grant


Here there be dragons! This is kind of the rallying cry by the elves, especially the ones who do not want to have anything to do with those dirty evil dragons. Honestly, in this universe, there is very little to be liked about the elves. They are thoroughly callous in so many ways. When Ms. Grant turns it around with one elf developing empathy, I am hooked. This newest book in the series is not one to be missed. Whilst this is a spin-off of a larger series, it can be read as a standalone. Warning, reading this may cause a new reader to find the rest of the series in the universe and read them all.

Have I mentioned I love quest like plots? This one is definitely a hard level quest with Ravi and Yasmin searching for an item that requires a difficult if not impossible journey into a harsh land. Once they arrive at their destination, the difficult increases and gets worse. What I liked about this story is how it pulls no punches. Yasmin lays the brutal facts out and does nothing to sway Ravi to her point of view. Because she does not care if the "superior" elves care what she thinks. What she does know is that there must be something better than the hand she was dealt. I completely agree with her. She does the best she can with all the disadvantages she's been handed and she still stays true to being kindhearted and noble. Impressive.

Her contentious relationship with Ravi is realistic and I enjoyed how uncomfortable and angry it made me feel towards Ravi. I rail against injustice and his completely privileged perspective is beyond annoying. Well done, Ms. Grant.

If this first book is setting the tone for the elves series, then this is going to be a dark series. The sheer causal cruelty perpetrated by the elves to humans is heartbreaking. As with all stories that invoke intense emotions in me, I am going to generally like it better. This is more than pulling the heartstrings story. The character development as well as plot movement in this overall universe is spot on. Ms. Grant continues to spin a magical tale and I'm enthralled.

This newest fantasy is recommended to readers who love rooting for the underdog.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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