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Review: Safeword: Rainbow by Candace Blevins

★★★★★ People in the groups I'm in keep talking about this book.  Some find it too much; others loved it.  I bought it because people kept pushing it at me and I caved into peer pressure.  I waited a couple of months before I finally decided to read it.  WHY DID NO ONE MENTION THE DOM WORKED FOR THE CIA?  If there is anything that will immediately catch my interest, it is a spy.  Especially a male spy who is a dom.  Seriously, men in positions of law enforcement authority just do something to me.

I was hooked from the beginning.  Master James/Tyler frightened yet excited me.  He truly can be a sadist.  I could understand Vivien's worries and fear.  Some of the hang ups she had, I don't have so it didn't cause me confusion when it turned me on.  I am glad the two were able to work it out.  The amount of pain he put her through was breathtaking.  It made me a bit uncomfortable because I found myself wanting to experience each one of the sessions, just to see what it would be like.  I imagine the pain would be horrendous, yet I can't help but be curious.  The scenes were intense and lovely.  I would have love to watch it in person.  I'm very impressed with Ms. Blevin's writing voice and her ability to weave a love story.  Because make no mistakes, this book is a love story with a beautifully wrapped up ending.

This book gave me shivers and dark desires that I thought I had suppressed or exorcised.  Reading this book was like opening a hermetically sealed pandora's box.  Damn you Ms. Blevins!  Those needs and wants are now raging at the forefront!


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