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Review: Seduced by the Dragon Lord by Kiersten Fay

★★★ ½ @KierstenFay #SeducedbytheDragonLord #NetGalley

Jessie is an adrenaline junkie who loves her extreme adventure business. Raised by a father who is a former military guy, she knows how to take care of herself in most situations. She's the proverbial tomboy. If she were a boy, I could totally see her as an Eagle Scout. When Jessie ends up in a space ship and kidnapped into an alien world, her survival skills are put to the test.

What I found interesting is that somehow she turns into a "Disney" princess. The only good part of being a Disney princess in the manner that animals love her and follow her around in the jungle. This is a pretty awesome skill and I would totally kill for it. I liked Jessie. She is tough and she knows she can take care of herself. She's probably not the best person to trust because she can't keep her word. She constantly breaks her promises which she justifies in many different ways. I'm not saying that she doesn't have a good reason. What I'm saying is, maybe don't make promises you know you aren't going to keep. Because really, why would anyone trust you will do something when you say you will?

Orik on the other hand, he is a male who you can take his word to the bank. He doesn't break his promise. He is a male with conviction. He is also a little too black and white. This makes Jessie the perfect person to help balance him out. Their interactions are explosive. Their chemisty is fair. Their angry make-up sexual interludes I could have done without. This story does have a few erotic scenes which I mostly skimmed because they didn't appeal to me. Your mileage may vary.

What I am more interested in is learning more about the different witches and specifically about the dragon enemies. Hopefully we will see more of the white haired witch too. I think her story may come up in a couple of books. Overall, I enjoy this series and hope to read more in this magical world.

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