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Review: Sleep no More by Jayne Ann Krentz

★★★★ #SleepNoMore #NetGalley @JayneAnnKrentz

New exciting series from Ms. Krentz kicks it off with one of my favourite subjects . . .sleep. As a person who loves to sleep and take naps, I have quite the active dreaming. When a book plot delves into dream state and dreaming or even discusses sleep clinics, I'm intrigued. Sleep no more involves conspiracies, paranormal exploration, and . . . kidnapping!

What I like about this story is how Ms. Krentz takes current events and brings it to life. I am not sure how well this book will age in regards to technology due to the ever changing speed of our social media and technological demands. The premise of people using a podcast to research cold cases is a concept turned reality over the years. This is where I'm not sure if art is imitating life or vice versa? Because who did it first? Was it in a book or was it real life that started it? Either way, I like the nod to current technology used in ways that were never used before . . . there are now an increase of amateur sleuths. Because crime solving boiled down to its very basic level is all about gathering all the information in order to connect the dots to solve the crime. We are in the information age and information can be found faster than ever before and reach out to more than ever before.

This book showcases how it can be applied for the greater good. It also helps show those who were previously isolated can now find a way to come together, even anonymously. This way, they are not alone in their paranoia. But are they really paranoid if people are really out to get them?

I enjoy the characters in this story. As with most of Ms. Krentz's books, there is a quirky character and a quasi-anti-hero. Ambrose, Pallas, Talia, and Amelia are an unlike foursome who find a common thread that binds them together. Their shared experience is a profound one that has people classifying them as loony. As the story progresses and we learn more about each of them and their experiences, the horror of what happened to them sets in. The character development appeal to me and I want to cheer for them as they find new clues to piece together their missing time. The added paranormal element to this story increases my interest. I always enjoy how Ms. Krentz incorporates physic ability into her fiction. This is a great read from beginning to end. Recommended to suspense readers who enjoy the paranormal element mixed with conspiracy theories.

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