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Review: Spider and Frost by Jennifer Estep

When two worlds collide, it could end up in an explosion. When Spider and Frost meet, it is the perfect synergy for a dynamic duo. As a fan of the Spider series, I was mixed coming into this story because I didn't read the Frost series. The YA aspect of Frost didn't appeal to me. I was pleasantly surprised and now I want to pick up the Frost series to read about that world.

Gin's short vacation and a planned tour turns sideways when she is caught in the crossfires between Gwen and the Reapers. What I liked is how Gin and Gwen both noticed something different about the other, but they weren't sure if the other person was a potential enemy or a victim needed to be saved. When they tentatively make a pact to cautiously trust each other, all hell brakes loose.

As this book cover suggests, this all takes place on a train. The fight scenes in this story are glorious for me. Ms. Estep describes it so well that I can visualize it all. It probably helps that I just recently watched the movie Bullet Train with Brad Pitt in it. This novella gives me a similar vibe and I love it.

As usual, Gin steps up to the plate and does what she does best.

This crossover is a delight. It can be read as a standalone. It can also be read independent of the series. Fair warning, after reading this book, it may cause a reader to pick up the series they haven't read yet. Recommended to all readers who enjoy action, fighting, a bit of suspense, and magic.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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