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Review: Squatch by Candace Blevins

Who is this mysterious Squatch? He is huge, intimidating and sweetly thoughtful. When he decides to make a play for Kitty, he gets in way more over his head than he could imagine.

Buy this book now! It can be read as a standalone. And if you haven't read any books in this series, prepare to want to read them all, including the tie in series. In this latest erotic romance from Ms. Blevins, comes forth two new characters. Squatch is the quiet type who is menacing and due to his size, people may think he is all brawn. He is more than that and he has friends in some unlikely places. He is a complex character I like. He is a dominant without being domineering. He likes his sex kinky and that is delicious to me. Kitty on the other hand... her life has been a trial.

Kitty is a survivor. She impresses me with her ability to adapt and find the right people to help her. Her support system comes from unconventional places, but they are strong and present went needed. Without giving any spoilers, she comes from a closed off family with a heavy hand in the worst parts of patriarchy and sadism. Frankly, I'm shocked she isn't a bit more crazy and dysfunctional. And this is why I love Ms. Blevins's writing style. She takes hard real life situations and finds unconventional ways to overcome the challenges. The characters are well developed, likeable and are flawed. And they are okay with it. It is all about matching up with a person who will accept you for who you are. This underlying message of acceptance is elegantly presented each and every time.

This love story is more than sexy kink and sweet romance. It is a tale of growing up and becoming more. The character development which involves highlighting issues within different groups is amazing. The way people of different backgrounds and beliefs pull together to solve a problem is a model we can all learn from and mirror. Ms. Blevins may show the horrors of humanity, but she always tempers it with people who are helpers and fixers. She takes stereotypes, plays with it and makes it more. Adding in a great plot line and strong secondary characters, this makes a winning combination.

There are so many scenes and pieces to this story I enjoyed and re-read. I wish I could mention them without any spoilers. I highly recommend this erotica romance to readers who want strong characters with shady pasts and desire for a better future.


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