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Review: Stings and Stones: Elemental Assassin Short Story Collection by Jennifer Estep

So many insights that thrilled me from beginning to end. For readers that loved the Elemental Assassin series, this is a great collection of side stories about Gin, her friends, and family. It is like opening an old picture album you have never seen. Then having each picture bring a story to life. A memory that may be bittersweet or a fond remembrance.

The stories are told by multiple characters in the series. Since we rarely had contact with Fletcher, it was a delight to see one story from his perspective. Even as a dedicated fan who has read every book in this series, these collections which take place throughout the series only enhances the stories. Knowing the outcome of the series did not lessen my enjoyment. Instead, it added more colour and flavour to the already beloved series. I love see from other points of view - of the same period of time. Seeing Mab's side of the story does make me pity her a little bit. As in, she was warned and she elected to plow through ignoring prophecy.

These tales can be all read in one seating. Or they can be leisurely enjoy and savoured over the course of several days. I personally gobbed them down in one sitting and then revisited the ones I liked the most. Whilst this series may have ended, this reunion brings forth warm and happiness as we enter into the holiday season. This collection is recommended to both readers new and old to the elemental assassin series.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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