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Review: The Bride Wore White by Amanda Quick

Whenever I see this cover style from Ms. Quick, I am immediately excited because I know it is new book in the Burning Cove series. These books can be read as a standalone. This latest one also involves a bit psychic with a new character, Prudence. This is a name I adore and this character lives up to my expectations. This is a fun romance with an independent woman who understands the difference between business and self perception.

This is more than just a romance. There is a bit of suspense with Prudence finding herself next to a dead body and in an ill fit bridal gown. This kind of thing never bodes well. What I like about Prudence is her lack of drama. She focuses on the problem at hand and makes a plan. Her cognitive skills are off the charts and I love it.

Her interactions with Jack are refreshing. She doesn't take offense that others may find her psychic profession to be fake. She never claimed to be psychic and she doesn't have a chip on her shoulder. Jack on the other hand, does have a bit of chip on his shoulder and he's pretty much the prototype male character Ms. Quick tends to create. The male protagonist are usually interchangeable across all of Ms. Quick's novels. Honestly, they are decent guys with very little variation and I happen to like this kind of male. They are logical with good intuition plus they are open minded for the most part. And they are all great lovers. What's not to like about this kind of illusive fantasy male?

The suspense part of this romance is nicely done. I like following allow with Jack and Prudence to determine the motive and the villain of the story. What makes this suspense more complex is the multiple players and the competing motives. The twists and turns are fun for me to guess what will happen next. This period romance is recommended for readers who enjoy psychic suspense themes with independent female leads and stoic male partners.

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