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Review: The Ghost Illusion by Kat Martin

For those who love hauntings and ghost stories, this book is for you. This standalone story from Ms. Martin draws me in, gives me the heebie jeebies, and a happily ever after. For those who enjoy Heather Graham Krewe of Hunter series, this is in a similar vein.

Eve St. Clair is in a home where she has fond memories with her uncle. Since he left this home for her, she decides to move across the pond into the UK. What she doesn't expect, is to meet her childhood playmate. She grew up but he did not. The hauntings in this story is disturbing and at times violent.

Fortunately for Eve, she connects with a group of ghost hunters. The leader of this group and the angel funder is Ransom King. He is the pragmatist that wants to find logical reasons why people think they are being haunted. Still, he is a believer in that he pulls in a motley crew of those with special abilities as well as jaded non-believers. I liked his ghost hunting crew.

Eve's interactions with Ransom follow a predictable path of admiration and then into something more. Their relationship develops quickly as they experience harrowing paranormal activity. I find Eve to be much braver than I would be. I would have sold that home and been out of there so quick. I guess it does help to have a group of people supporting Eve. And it doesn't hurt that Ransom is there to protect Eve at every turn.

After reading this book, I'm absolutely fascinated and I had to look up the events in this book. Colour me shocked in how this was based on historical events. Ms. Martin does a bang up job creating a ghost story around a horrific event in the late 1800s. She weaves a very believable tale. She also educates readers enough for them to do more research to learn more about history. This is what I love about a great author. They teach us history that should not be forgotten through riveting stories. This paranormal romance is recommended to history buffs who like to see history from a different lens.

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