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Review: The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

★★★★ @JulieGarwood #TheIdealMan #TBRPile

After reading many darker stories and erotica, it is nice to have a palette cleanser in the form of a straight-up romance. This book has been on my TBRPile for a while. After picking it up, I remember why I liked this series so much and now I have a few to catch up on before Grace Under Fire comes out. I'll be binge-reading the rest of this week and throwing off my review schedule.

I love smart women. It is one of the more attractive features in a woman for me. Dr. Ellie Sullivan is brilliant. She's a surgeon who knows her worth and yet isn't an asshole about it. That is what we call a "unicorn" boys and girls. Because surgeons are generally arrogant and well... rough to speak with. They are unparalleled in their skills and I can totally appreciate it. But their bedside manner is a bit lackluster. Ellie is different. She's a child prodigy. I seem to never tire of prodigies. I enjoy this kind of character design probably because I'm old now and I appreciate and understand what my parents wanted and find in a child with high potential.

I loved this story because I loved how Ellie interacts with Max, the agent who works with her on a case she's been pulled into. I am also moved by Ellie's backstory and her childhood trauma. That is a doozy for me and is one that particularly speaks to me. Max's desire to protect Ellie and their chemistry just makes this story so smooth and ... ideal.

What makes me laugh in this story is Ellie's interactions with her twin sisters. Ava is unreal. I just don't even know what to say about her. I can empathize with how Ava feels and see her points. I just don't agree nor condone Ava's behaviour. I can't imagine the fear and anxiety Ellie's parents have lived through in the past couple of decades. This entire story pulls together so well for me and provided an extremely enjoyable read. I have picked up the rest of the books in this series and will be finishing them this weekend. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers looking for a feel-good book with ups, downs, and sideways coming at you.


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